Temporal minimalism

About 18 months ago, I gave away most of my physical possessions in a successful bid for simplicity.

Now, blog writers do craft catchy leads for impact. I could have written, “I gave away a pile of old clothes, books and junk, which collectively comprised 51% of the individual objects I owned.” Yawn. But overdramatic phrasing aside, this action greatly improved quality of life.

But possessions merely chipped a bit from a Sisyphean boulder of excess.  The real application for this “fewer, nicer” philosophy is time and attention.  I long resisted hard decisions, because I have so many interests, in no particular hierarchy.

I finally chose a crucible:  do fun things that have more direct impact on the rest of the world.  The top of that list includes both the whimsical (playing in my band) and the serious (developing, using and publishing investment tactics to clients in 8 countries).

Near the bottom of the list is this blog, which deals in subjects that interest me, but about which I have little leverage for direct action or impact.  So with great reluctance, I conclude it must be the first thing to go.

I write compulsively (figuratively, not clinically).  To prevent posting in moments of caffeine-infused weakness, this site has been converted from Wordpress to static HTML, where it remains readable but not easily editable. Just a safeguard.

And so, to my ~5 readers, I bid adieu.  There will be more blogs someday, I suspect.

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