About Nostradoofus

Nostradoofus sees all.  But to any avail?

In 1984, Nostradoofus bet a relative $100 that the Soviet Union would collapse before its 100th birthday.  Come 1991, the relative disavowed any memory of such bet.

In 1987, Nostradoofus convinced his girlfriend to argue for her Georgetown University international relations thesis that the biggest geopolitical threat of the 21st century would be militant Islam.  They still broke up.

In June 2003, Nostradoofus concluded Iraq would inevitably split into three autonomous regions:  Kurdistan, Shiastan and Sunnistan.  The US concluded same and got out, but only after six years, six thousand KIAs and six trillion dollars.

What will Nostradoofus predict next?  And will it matter?  You are judge and jury.