Charlie Munger discusses emigration

Yesterday, at the 2010 annual meeting of Wesco Financial Corporation, chairman Charlie Munger (better known as Warren Buffet’s vice-chairman at Berkshire Hathaway) held forth on a variety of business and investing topics.

Munger spent a great deal of his opening monologue singing the praises of Lee Kwan Yew, who, as Singapore’s rather ironfisted “prime minister” from 1965 to 1990, led this tiny, resource-starved, ethnically divided, malaria-infected island nation to become one of the wealthiest, most prosperous, best educated, most stable, most peaceful and least corrupt places on earth.

Munger later commented that, while he personally liked the California climate and would not consider leaving the US, he could certainly understand the logic of emigrating to Singapore.

Anyone who has followed 86-year-old Munger over the years knows him to be a conservative Republican, steadfast patriot, supporter of the Iraq invasion, and (until recently) perennial optimist about America; ┬ábut also rational and willing to change his views. When this man says “Basically, It’s Over” for America, and that he understands the logic of leaving the US for Singapore, one should sit up and take notice.

One Response to “Charlie Munger discusses emigration”

  1. Richard Hsu Says:

    I just came back from Singapore and it was the first foreign country I’ve ever visited that I thought I could live in.