This is my ninth message!

I know of a company whose main customer service problem is the occasional angry customer who claims he or she has already left several messages, though the company has actually received none.  The compay’s setup:

  1. Only one phone line.
  2. Only one person answers it and picks up VM.
  3. Same complaint has occurred with 3 different VM services.
  4. Company uses Google VM, which keeps a record of every call.

Thus, the customer’s claim seems as if it cannot possibly be true.

The callers all have one thing in common:  they are forgetful.  How do we know this?  Because when finally reached, they have all called for the same reason:  they do not recognize the company’s charge on their credit card bill.  The company reminds the customer, who says, “Ohhhh yeahhhh.”  Every time, at least so far.

Since these customers are forgetful about what charges they have committed to, perhaps they also forget that they have not left 4 messages?  My theory is that they may have called 4 times, but never actually left a message before.  Thus no contact was made, yet the customer has a vague feeling the company was unresponsive.

Suggestions invited from this blog’s massive readership.

One Response to “This is my ninth message!”

  1. montmike Says:

    sounds like a great customer as long as they keep paying the bills. in fact, if you can find a critical mass of this customer profile, you might be able to quit doing real work.