Nature in the big city

About 7% of Americans live within 60 miles of the Santa Monica Mountains. “Greater Los Angeles” now stretches in a continuous mega-urb (interrupted only by one large Army base), from Ventura to the Mexican border. 150 miles of solid city. Seriously.

What’s a nature lover to do? First is sea kayaking. 200 yards offshore, at any time of year except summer weekends, you can paddle in near silence. A seal pops his head up, three yards away. A dolphin speeds by. Bright orange garibaldi shimmer fifteen feet below.

Second is river cycling. Hidden among the city is a spider web of river trails, some concrete, many not. Here is my daily bicycle commute:

San Diego Creek

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One Response to “Nature in the big city”

  1. Will Handsfield Says:


    I like your blog. I just got a Trek 520 for touring next summer, great bike so far. I am a California transplant to Colorado, and enjoyed your posts on kayaking too (I used to swim, surf or skin dive 6 days per week). You should put up RSS syndication links, I like to keep tabs on interesting blogs from around the country. Let me know if you implement this and I’ll put yours on my list =)